Digi Solutions Pte Ltd
35, Tannery Road #08-01,
Ruby Industrial Complex,
Singapore 347740.


• Desktop Support Service
    - To support and troubleshoot following areas
a) Desktops / Notebooks / Laptops
    b) IT Devices Connectivity
    c) Local Area Network
    d) Business-related software
    e) Software/Hardware Installation and Upgrade
    f) Printer/Scanners Installation, Configuration and Setup

• Server Operation and Support Service
   - Operating System (Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012)

    a) Basic Server health monitoring - CPU/Memory/Capacity utilization and Performance
    b) Installation of Services - Packs/updates/hotfixes/patches
    c) Anti-Virus updates
    d) Authorised and licensed Software installation & configuration
    e) File and Print Server management - shared directories / access rights / Print server

• Website and Application Service
    a) Personal, Business, and Company Websites
    b) Custom In-house Application

• Products Sourcing & Procurement Service
   We apply our IT expertise to help our customers fullfill their product’s requirements (such as PC, Notebook and Server), then
   consolidate orders, prices and delivery control all in one

• Project Management Service
   Our experienced and trained Project Team can help your organization manage IT projects from start to end. We will provide the 
   expertise to help deliver projects on time and within budget